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The #1 Christmas Photo Experience in
The Central Valley!


Paige, C.

I’m so glad we did this, sooooo much better than Santa in the mall! The Mall only gives you one image, no digitals unless you pay MORE and they won’t let you take your own pictures. Plus you have a mall full of people standing around looking at you. This is such a great experience, my kids love it every year and it makes their day! Thank you so much for all you guys do.

Ashley, M.

We went Saturday to see Santa for the first time and my 2-year-old loved it!! She keeps asking when we can go back.  Thank you so much Holiday Magic Studios!! This will be our tradition every year now.

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What Makes Us Unique?

We immerse your family in a highly themed holiday environment to make it feel like you are really in Santa's Workshop

Each family schedules a private 5-minute appointment; so you never wait in a line.  Simply walk up, check-in, and walk inside! 

Our photographers will capture

25-50 professional photos of your family's Santa experience. 

You have access to all of the photos that we take; instantly available 

on all of your devices

After you select which photo you'd like to print, we'll mail them directly to your door within 24 hours!

Explore Our Studio In 3D!

Click the Play Button Below to Take the Tour!

Experience the Magic in Person!

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