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Worried About Shutdowns?

Fear Not! We're Open!

Holiday Magic Studios is excited to offer an incredible experience for all our families this season!  Learn about the precautions our team is taking and what's changed in response to COVID-19 below!

Classic Santa Photos... Reimagined !

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Wondering how COVID-19 has affected Santa photos this year? This Christmas season will be the best yet! 


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“It was Magical! The picture quality was amazing and it was so nice to get our pictures taken in a “safe” way considering everything that's going on right now.  The magic photos experience was really fun! I would totally recommend Holiday Magic Studios to any mom concerned about taking their kids into a crowded mall.  While Santa wasn’t there in person, we left with incredible pictures!

~ Crystal A.

Being an Elementary School Principal, I’m VERY aware of proper COVID-19 precautions needed to keep our kids safe. Holiday Magic Studios has taken every precaution possible! Watching Santa talk to the kids from the North Pole was very cute.  They really went all out to keep the magic of the season alive.  It means so much to us.  Oh! And “OUR” Santa is the “REAL” Santa!  Our pictures turned out so cute.

~ Lori B.

“We’ve come to Holiday Magic Studios at River Park for 10 years and have always had such an amazing experience. This year was so relaxed and fun!  The private, 5-minute appointments are a game-changer for us. We’ve never waited in lines in previous years, which is so nice. It was particularly nice this year with everything going on.  The Santa’s Magic Photos Experience technology is really cool! It added a little extra holiday magic to the season.  We all really needed that!”

~ Gayle V.

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What Makes Us Unique?

We immerse your family in a highly themed holiday environment to make it feel like you are really at the North Pole! 

Each family schedules a private 5-minute appointment; so you never wait in a line.  Simply walk up, check-in, and walk inside! 

Our photographer will capture

10-15 professional photos of your family's experience. 

You have access to all of the photos that we take; instantly available 

on all of your devices

After you select which photo you'd like to print, we'll mail them directly to your door within 24 hours!